Resell Your Unused TimeShare Points

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How Does It Work?

Selling your unused vacation points can seem overwhelmingly daunting. So much so that the average timeshare owner gives up even trying, not only costing them money as they continue to pay their maintenance fees, but leaving money on the table that they could be earning! Fortunately for our members, we’ve come up with a way to make it much easier…

The process is simple: You tell us the number of points you want to rent out, and our team handles everything for you! All you do is cash your check!

Expert Marketing

We market and advertise your unused vacation time via our sister rental agency VacationCondoForLess.com and most major travel sites. Thanks to our 15+ years of experience in the industry, we have deep connections with some of the most trusted vacation rental and travel listing websites in the world, as well as our very own timeshare rental website, VacationCondosForLess.com.

Your listing will get maximum exposure as our marketing team works tirelessly to rent out your timeshare points!

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Concierge Service

Seriously, it’s that easy. You can sit back and relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Our expert team provides a complete white-glove concierge experience. We handle all of the hassle and headache from start to finish, all you need to do is provide the login credentials to your developer account and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we have taken care of everything!

The only thing you need to worry about is whether you prefer a check or would like us to send your cash directly to your PayPal account!

Client Satisfaction

At TimeShare Simplified, and all of our sister companies, our number one priority is Client Satisfaction. We work tirelessly to deliver a world-class level of service while helping you generate income from your timeshare points.

Give us a call. You won’t regret it!

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How Much Are My Points Worth?

Quickly and easily get a no hassle, no obligation quote on how much you can earn by selling your unused vacation points!