MAKE TIMESHARE EASY BY UTILIZING YOUR UNUSED TIMESHARE POINTS! I have written this book in the hopes that it will help timeshare owners, no matter who their developer is, to utilize their program in a way that is of maximum benefit to them. In the 16 years I have been working in the industry and working with thousands of owners we go over everything I have learned.

These are the most common questions and concerns I find timeshare owners to have and I have done my best to cover them all in detail in my book Timeshare Tips & Tricks. While there are a variety of programs out in the market today most of the major developers have gone to points, but there are still many that are sold as weeks and I have done my best to explain your best options no matter which type of ownership you have. The book is easy to read and each subject is broken down in a different chapter. As we continue to progress with our company we will be adding more and more detailed books and articles on each section to give you further depth and understanding of the subjects that are most important to you:

Concierge Service Let us take the headache out of time sharing for you! With our concierge service that handles every aspect of ownership for you.

  • We handle your trades through interval international and RCI and actually get you what you want
  • We handle the rental of your weeks and or points
  • We have a reminder system that ensures you never lose your points or weeks again
  • We strategize with you yearly according to your plans on how to maximize your ownership
  • We are here to answer your questions on anything you have with regards to your timeshare get reservations even when your online booking system says the resort is full
  • We get you two to three times the value you normally would out of your timeshare/ vacation ownership plan
  • Our staff will make all your phone calls and online bookings for you all you do is simply send us a text or email and we make your trips happen
  • We get you maximum benefits out of your developers hotel reward points
  • Get reservations at sold out times of the year and have our guaranteed trade promise
  • We make timesharing as easy as a text!

Your Questions Answered!

  • How come I can’t get the trades that I want?

  • How do I rent out my timeshare and can I do that?

  • How do I get last minute reservations even when they show booked online?

  • What is trading power?

  • What do I do with my points or weeks when I can’t use them?

  • Is the maintenance fee worth it?

  • I don’t like the exchange company I never get what I want.

  • How do I use my program?

  • I don’t know how to use what I have.

  • Where do I go to rent out my timeshare?

  • How do I use my VIP benefits?

  • What do I do when I don’t want it anymore?

  • How do I sell it?

  • Which vacation ownership program is the best for me?

Loaded With Extras!

Learn every aspect of timeshare ownership from industry insiders who have collaborated to help you maximize your ownership, reduce your overall cost of ownership, and increase your income!

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Our readers gain membership access to our entire library of timeshare training videos. Learn how to maximize the benefits of timeshare ownership, how to generate income from ownership, and how to exit easily when you’re ready!

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When you’re ready to exit your timeshare, the options, contracts, and red tape can be a confusing nightmare to navigate! TimeShare Simplified goes over every exit strategy available to help you make the decision that is best for you and your family!
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Timeshare rental guide

TimeShare Rental eBook

Our step by step timeshare rental guide covers everything you need to know about timeshare rentals!

If you’ve ever wondered how to rent your timeshare, how to do it, how it works, or how much income you can make from it, this eBook is for you! In the guide book you’ll learn:

  • How much money you can make with timeshare rentals!
  • How it works,
  • Where to list your rentals,
  • Why renting is a smart decision,
  • How to maximize your ownership through renting

What Our Readers Are Saying Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

Ginger Anderson Amazon Verified Purchase

If you own a timeshare and don’t have a clue what you are doing this book is extremely helpful. No matter if you own with Marriott, Worldmark, Wyndham, Diamond, Blue Green. Don’t know how to use Interval or RCI. This book will help you make the most of your timeshare and understand how to get great trades. Well worth the small price for all the wasted maintenances fees I have had to pay. Very easy read and easy to understand.

D.J. Petrone Amazon Verified Purchase

It’s imperative for the reader to understand that The author knows how to cut through all of the fluff and shows you in detail how to monetize your investment It was important for us to understand the basic principles and even better when we put them into action! I cannot say enough about the information contained in this book it is well thought out, extremely concise, and invaluable in today’s Timeshare driven world. It’s hard to win the game when no one knows what the rules are – Mr. Avitia knows and explains the rules in detail.

Kevin Sullivan Amazon Verified Purchase

A few years back we were having problems using our timeshares points because of an unforeseen family illness. Then a friend introduced us to Tony and his timeshare rental company. Wow, they went above and beyond not only did they keep us from possibly losing our points that year by renting them out for us, the check they sent us paid all of our maint fees for the year and gave us almost an additional $1000 dollars! At the time we couldn’t have needed it more. I think he was sent from heaven. Since then we have bought his book, not only for us but all of our friends that own timeshare. We found the information in the book to be invaluable and feel it was the best $20 ever spent.

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    Mr. Tony Avitia Traveller, Family Man, Author, and TimeShare Expert.

    “This book was compiled from countless owners who use their ownership plans the best and knowledge I have picked up from people that work in the exchanges or other knowledgeable professionals I’ve come across. I wrote this book in the hopes of helping people learn how to use their timeshare ownership program so they get the value out of the money they have paid and to be able to take the tremendous trips and create the types of memories that I have with my family. I currently own multiple timeshares and I use them every year to trade through intervals, as well as operating a successful timeshare rental business.

    I know you’ll find the information in the books very helpful in getting the most out of your investment! Enjoy and safe travels!” – Tony.

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